Dale's Southlake Pharmacy


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s Saturday night and my son just got released from the hospital with a couple prescriptions. Do I have to wait until Monday to get them filled?

No, call our after hours Emergency number at 433-8144 and we will get that filled for you.

I broke my foot and can’t drive to Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy! How can I get my prescription filled?

You can call us at 429-5165 and we can help you get your prescription filled over the phone. We will even deliver it to you-free of charge!

I forgot to pick up one of your great Yankee candles when I was in your store this week. Do you only deliver prescriptions?

No, we will deliver anything you can purchase in your store.

My mother lives in a retirement community in Decatur, but I live out of town. Can I/she set up a store charge account for her prescriptions?

Yes, call us at 429-5165 and we would be happy to set that up for you.

My wife and I go down to Florida every year from November-April, can we get our prescriptions mailed to us while we are down there?

Of course! We have a postal substation in Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy, so we can send them to your winter home every month.

I came into Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy to mail my granddaughter her birthday present. Can I send it via UPS instead of through the post office?

Yes you can. We have daily U.S. Postal Service and UPS pickups.

My wife REALLY wants some new earrings from Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy for our anniversary. How much does it cost to have them gift-wrapped in the store?

Nothing! We do not charge extra for gift-wrapping.

I want to switch to your stores, but I don't know what the process is for this. How can I transfer to Dale's or Colee's? 

Click on this link to fill out our easy prescription transfer form, and easily transfer your prescriptions to either location.

I started filling my prescriptions at Dale's a few years ago, but have now moved to Forsyth. Can I get them filled at Colee's? Yes, just give us a call at 429-5165 or 330-9552 and we can get them setup for our other location.

Do you give immunizations?

Yes, call us at 429-5165 to make an appointment.

We are new to the area, and my son's teacher mentioned you have a Free Kid's Vitamin Program. Is my 8-year old eligible? Absolutely. Children between the ages of 2-12 are eligible for this program. You must enroll your child at one of our locations, and then every month, you can come in and pick up their free bottle of chewable vitamins.